Did you know that November 13th was World Kindness Day??!!! It is! And I’m sure you are thinking, “That must be Karyn’s favorite day!” But you know what I’m thinking?? I’m thinking that needing a special day to remind us to be kind is great…but also a problem. Because, in truth, being kind to people, animals and our world is something that we should be doing…and celebrating…every day. Every single day. Because no matter who we are, what we believe, as long as we treat each other, (and all the other inhabitants of our amazing earth) kindly, the world will be okay!

So today, I’m asking you to challenge yourself to think kindly, speak kindly, act and react kindly in whatever situation you are…as the beginning…or deepening…of an active, daily kindness practice. And please ask everyone you know to do the same. That’s what I’ll be doing today. Practicing kindness. Because every day is World Kindness Day! #kindness #purpose #love #youcan