At the Love and Kindness Project Foundation We Believe

in Thinking Kindly, Speaking Kindly and Acting Kindly to everyone, and everything. Always. Please join us. #BlackLivesMatter #Pride #InItTogether


Who We Are

A registered public charity, we are a group of people who are working on creating a world of ‘Love Before Money’ by focusing on creativity and giving.

What We Do

We foster projects that create love and kindness in the world by providing materials, coaching and micro-grants.

A World of Love Before Money

When we focus on what we can give...instead of what we can get...and when we focus on love before money...we can create a better world for all.

Our Projects

Family Activities

Kindness at Work!

Our Books

How You Can Help


Order from us!

When you order from us and participate in one of our kindness activities, you'll be creating a kinder world, one Button, one Yard Sign, one Kindness Kard and one Culture of Kindness Kit at a time! And because there's never any set charge for any of our kindness activities, you'll be helping promote a world of Love Before Money. All we ask is that when you're done with the activity...pass it along to someone else!

Make a Donation!

If you order a kindness activity and you'd like to help us to create more kindness in the world, please feel free to send us a donation! No amount is too small. Every little bit helps us to create more kindness activities and give more micro-grants to fund others! And, since we are a registered 501(c)(3) public charity, your donation is tax deductible!

Create Your Own Project!

You are creative! Oh, yes you are! And we're here to help you get your own kindness project or activity off the ground! Contact us for coaching help or to submit your micro-grant application.

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