We are a global group of volunteers passionate about creating a kinder world!

Executive Team:

Karyn Ross
Founder, President and CEO

Karyn is the founder of The Love and Kindness Project Foundation. An artist, author, and coach, Karyn's passion is creating a world of love before money.

Alefiyah Tawawalla

Alefiyah Tawawalla is the Foundation Secretary. An ELL teacher, Alefiyah is passionate about diversity and inclusion.

Leslie Henckler

Leslie Henckler is the Foundation's Treasurer. She is passionate about continuous improvement, and making the world a better place in all ways!

Ann Capacci
Youth Ambassador Director

Ann Capacci is a Foundation Director. A fabulous gardener, Ann is passionate about planting kindness and growing love wherever she goes!


Regional Team:

Matthew Grant
Global Director of Communications

Matthew Grant is our Global Director of Communications. Matthew is passionate about kindness in leadership.

Albanesa Ymaya
Caribbean Region Director

Albanesa is the Regional Director for The Caribbean. Albanesa is passionate about creativity and kindness to make big leaps forward!

Linda Lee
Australia Continent Director

Linda is a Continent Director for Australia and she is passionate about spreading kindness and volunteering!

Lili Boyanova
UK Country Director

Lili Boyanova is one of our UK Country Directors. Lili also kindly helps with our Social Media and Marketing.

Gemma Jones
UK Country Director

Gemma Jones is one of our UK Country Directors. Gemma is passionate about kindness and mental health.

Marcella Bisetto
Brazil Country Director

Marcella Bisetto is one of our Country Directors for Brazil. She speaks Spanish, Italian, English and French.

Siobhan Smeets
Canada Country Director

Siobhan is a Country Director for Western Canada. Siobhan loves to create and is passionate about caring for others!

Lucia Sabou
Canada Country Director

Lucia Sabou is our Country Director for Canada. Lucia creates each of our beautiful Love and Kindness Bracelets personally!

Nides Barros de Lima
Brazil Country Director

Nides Barros de Lima is one of our Country Directors for Brazil. She loves dogs, cats and people.

Karidja Sakanogo
Africa Continent Director

Karidja Sakanogo is our Continent Director for Africa. Karidja is passionate about kindness as a social structure for peace.

Elli MBerg
Africa Continent Director

Elli is a Continent Director for Africa and is passionate about helping those in need who are suffering!

Sylvia Witter
The Netherlands Country Director

Sylvia Witter is our Netherlands Country Director. Sylvia loves being creative and believes that kindness is contagious.

Ruth Schotborg
The Netherlands Country Director

Ruth is a Country Director for The Netherlands and she is passionate about using kindness to create a better world!