At The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, we believe that the best way to learn about kindness … is to practice it! One kind thought, one kind word, one kind act, and one kind social media post at a time!
To do that, please join our Monthly Kindness Challenges. Each month, we’re creating a new challenge with easy tips and ideas to help you practice kindness. Complete the Challenges, post on social media and use the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver to spread the word, so that others can learn about kindness, by practicing, too!
Thank you for helping us make 2021 the Kindest Year Ever!


To get 2021 off to the kindest start possible, we asked people to do an act of kindness for each prompt, then write and/or draw about it, and post on social media using the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


We celebrated February, and Valentine’s Day, by asking people to post photos showing acts of kindness and people and things that they love! What could be better than flooding the internet with pictures of love and kindness with the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


Your Little Kind Words make a huge, positive difference! In March, people thanked others for something kind they did, tagged them in their post and asked them to pass it on by writing a post about someone who had been kind to them with the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


We celebrated Earth Day 2021 by inviting people to do 30 Acts of Earth Kindness. One each day! Do the prompt then tell the world about it by posting a drawing, photo, or video on social media with the hashtags #LessWasteisKind and #2021KindestYearEver


Make Kindness Go Viral by using the power of social media algorithms for the positive! More activity means a post will be shown to more people, so use these tips to minimize the negative and accentuate the positive and kind! Use the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


We are all going to be Elders someday! This month’s Kindness Challenge has easy tips and ideas to help you Think, Speak and Act kindly to those who are older and deserve our respect and caring. Post about kindness to elders using the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


People in chronic pain may suffer in silence, feel depressed and anxious and not want to burden others with their suffering. But no one needs to, or should, suffer alone. Please use these thoughts, ideas and practical tips to help those suffering. Use the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


Here’s a group Kindness Challenge to do with your team at work or your family at home. Print out the 100 Acts of Kindness Tracker and post it where everyone can see it. Color in a heart for every act of kindness someone does! Post your acts of kindness #2021KindestYearEver


It's Back-to-School time for many! Here are 30 Days of ideas you and your family can use to be kind to students, teachers, school staff and other parents. Let's make 2021 the Kindest school year ever! Use the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


It's just as important to be kind to ourselves as it is to be kind to others! Use this handy calendar to note down at least one kind thing you do for yourself each day! Post about it using the hashtag #2021KindestYearEver


It's World Kindness Day every November 13th! To celebrate please download our Tiny Kindness 'Zine, fill it out, do the acts of kindness and give it to someone as a gift on World Kindness Day! #2021KindestYearEver


Many people give gifts at this time of year. This year, instead of worrying about funds and supply chains, give the best gift of all...The Gift of Kindness! Everyone loves to get a gift from the heart! #2021KindestYearEver