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Kindness Coloring Stickers

Stickers are fun for all ages! Download these Kindness Coloring stickers, print on Avery 94207 labels and color them in. Don't have the labels, don't worry! Just print on plain paper, color, cut out and use glue or tape to make them stick!

Kindness Stickers

Download this template and print on Avery 94207 to create free kindness stickers to give away to recognize and encourage kindness! If you don't have labels, print on plain paper, cut and use glue stick or tape to stick them!

Kindness is a Treasure Hunt Map & Ideas to use at Work, School and at Home!

Kindness really is a treasure! Celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13th by organizing a Kindness Treasure Hunt at work, at home, at school or with family and friends. Work on your own, or in a team to Think, Speak and Act Kindly. Record what you did and celebrate making a kinder world for all!