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#SideWalk Chalk Kindness Project Instruction Guide

It's easy to join our #SidewalkChalk Kindness Project. Simply write and draw messages of kindness on your driveway or sidewalk. No driveway or chalk? Write a message on a piece of paper and hang in your window! Use the hashtags #SideWalkChalkKindness and #LKPF

#Stories of Kindness Notes

Help us recognize #EveryDayKindness with these #Stories of Kindness Notes! Ask colleagues, family & friends to write and draw their stories of #EveryDayKindness. Use the Instruction Guide to create your very own #Stories of Kindness Practice!

#Stories of Kindness Practice Instruction Guide

Create your very own #Stories of Kindness Board and Practice at work, at home and in the community! Post the #Stories of Kindness Notes you collect on your Board and share on social media! Use the hashtags #StoriesOfKindness and #EveryDayKindness