Arrived home from the Lean Summit Colombia last night, and here’s what I’ve been reflecting on ever since. Often, when talking about the future, we say “The world is changing.” But I don’t think that’s the right way for us to frame it. Because what’s really happening is that we are changing the world. Each of us. Every single day. Every single moment.

With every decision we make (or don’t)…with every action we take (or don’t)…with every person we help (or don’t) and with every word we speak (kindly or unkindly). We aren’t just passive acceptors of the world around us, and of our collective future. We’re all active creators.

So, my question for you today (and every day) is: What kind of future are you creating for all of us? And if you haven’t thought about creating the future in this way before, right now is a great time to start! #creativity #future #youcan