On Saturday, May 7th, there was another mass shooting in the USA. In Allen, Texas. At an outlet mall. Regular people going about their lives. Expecting a fun day with family, or a regular day at work. It’s hard to expect those things anymore, since it was the 22nd mass shooting in the USA since the beginning of 2023.

What did I do the next day? I put up a Kindness House (like a little free library, but instead of books, people can take Love and Kindness Buttons, stickers, tips for easy, free ways to be kind) in my front yard. Two very kind young friends, Patrick and Caitlin, volunteered to came over to help dig the hole, pour the concrete and set the Kindness House! My next door neighbor, Cliff lent us his post digger, a wheelbarrow, and, at the last moment, a level!

Maybe you are thinking, “What’s the point of putting up a Kindness House? It’s not going to solve the problems that are causing people to kill each other…”

Many years ago, I realized something. And that is that there is no one here to solve the world’s problems (big and small), but me and you. We can’t wait for others to act. Each of us needs to act. In ways we can, and in ways that we are passionate about.

Bringing people together to put up a Kindness House, giving out items that teach about kindness, all have a positive effect, and bring people together as a community. It’s what I can do, and so it’s what I am doing.

And today, I’m asking (begging really) for you to take action and do something to promote kindness in your neighborhood, your work, your extended family!

Smile and ask people how they are doing!
Make an effort to check in on someone who is experiencing loneliness or loss
Invite someone over to help you with a task and volunteer to help someone else

We all need to take action and do what we can do. There is no time to waste and the time is now. Our collective kindness can – and will – make a better world for all of us.