Do you know why I post about stuff that doesn’t work out the way I planned? Or that I struggle with? Like my tiny container garden not growing anything last year…and all the time I spend picking out seams I’ve sewn incorrectly…and the two years – and many different attempts – it took to get Women in Lean – Our Table going?! Because most things don’t work out the way you think they are going to on the first try. Most things that look like they are ‘overnight successes’ probably aren’t! They are probably the culmination of multiple tries and PDCA cycles. We just may not see them. Either we’re so focused on the success we see now, or the person doesn’t talk about all the stuff that didn’t work along the way. I want people to see though. Because it’s easy to get discouraged and give up. It’s easy to feel like it’s just simply never going to work out for you…even if it does for others. I want you to know that doesn’t have to be so. Take a deep breath, learn what you can from your previous attempt and try again. And if you know someone who is discouraged (yourself included), remind them that ‘just because it didn’t work out last time, doesn’t mean it won’t work our this time’.