On Saturday, September 7th, Big Karma, Little Kosmo and I had a great time at our Back-to-School Kindness Event at Oswald’s Pharmacy + Medical Equipment in Naperville, Illinois! We read Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other, made Kindness Kards with kids, and gave away Love and Kindness Buttons and stickers! All for free! One of the things I noticed – and I’ve noticed it quite often – is that people have a hard time understanding that there’s no charge for the buttons, stickers (or any of our Foundation items), and that we don’t ask for anything in return! “What do you mean they’re free”, people ask skeptically? “You must be raising money for something. This has got to be a fundraiser of some sort…” But it’s not.

It’s a Kindness Raiser! And there’s no cost because there are just simply some things that are more important than money, and that money isn’t the right exchange value for. And kindness is one of them. So, today, please think about all the things that you have to “give” – including acts of kindness (deliberate and random) – that don’t involve money! Because Kindness really is free! And you will always get back more than you give! (And if you’d like to host your own “Kindness Raiser” in your area, just contact me at karyn@loveandkindnessproject.org and ! I’ll send you everything you need! For free!