When I was growing up, I came to an important realization: there was always going to be someone ‘better’ than me. At anything. And everything. So there was no need to waste my time and energy trying to ‘be the best’, worrying when I wasn’t, and comparing myself to others. All I needed was to do MY best, in the kindest way possible. Reflecting back, I can see the unbelievable value of that realization on my life today. That realization has allowed me to try many things without worrying about ‘failure’ or about what others will think. And it has allowed me to focus on and be satisfied with my efforts, not just the results. I don’t have to do things the way others do them, and I don’t need to compare my way to theirs. I just need to be me. So, if you’re feeling bad because you’re worried about what will happen if you’re not as good as others, please stop. And stop comparing yourself to others because you are exactly who you are supposed to be. And that’s enough!