A few months ago Alefiyah Tawawalla, my long time friend and Secretary of The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, asked if I had a few minutes to chat because she had something to tell me. And here’s what it was: that she had decided to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro…and that she had started training! She also wanted to let me know that she planned to take a flag with our Foundation logo with her to bring visibility to his work on kindness we are doing!

Last week, Alefiyah did the climb! And it is so symbolic! So often it’s a struggle to figure out how to think, speak and act kindly…and like the training to climb a mountain, kindness takes a lot of practice! And it takes a huge amount of courage and perseverance!

Alefiyah! We are all so proud of – and jumping for joy with you! What an inspiration you are to us all!