Something really amazing happened at the end of Wednesday, World Kindness Day! I’ve been reflecting on it ever since, so I’m going to share it with you. I was traveling from Chicago to Ottawa, Canada on Wednesday! (And yes, on my first flight I convinced the cabin crew to announce World Kindness Day! But that’s not the most amazing thing…) When I got to Toronto, I found my flight to Ottawa was cancelled (again – happened last trip too!) and I was rebooked two hours later.

By the time o got to Ottawa, I was quite tired…and doing my best not to feel grumpy and frustrated. Then, as I waited for my luggage, the amazing thing happened!! I was treated to the site of three refugee families arriving, and being met in the airport, by a large group of people waving handmade signs and celebrating!! And I thought to myself…what could be a better end to World Kindness Day?? And I would have missed it if I’d been on my original flight. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day details and be grumpy and frustrated…and lose sight of what really matters…Kindness, caring for others, and making a better world!

So if you’re feeling tired, grumpy and frustrated at work or home today, stop. Look around and remember what’s really important! #love #kindness #purpose #success