Today, a reminder to ‘Speak Kindly’! Always! Even if you don’t agree with the person’s idea, opinion, their political beliefs or their cause. We can disagree in a kind and open way, with a respectful tone of voice and non-argumentative posture. Whether you are at home or at work, on the frontlines or the leader of the organization, calling people names, inferring cultural stereotypes and using words to harm is never okay. Our words influence our actions. And the actions of others. Kind words and an open mind and open heart create the conditions for people with differing views to come together to do better. Unkind words and a combative way of communicating with others causes discord and division. We always have a choice in the words we choose to speak, and the manner we choose to speak them in. So choose your words kindly. And if you aren’t sure if your words are kind…don’t say them.