Last night it was our sewing studio’s Holiday party! My teacher asked me to bring some of the dresses I designed and sewed recently – so here they are – the 2019 KRC (Karyn Ross Couture) collection! Near the end of the party, one of the ladies asked if she could try on the long yellow and black floral dress (I created it to speak in Belgrade, Serbia.) “Of course”, I said! So she did! And it fit her perfectly! “I wish I had one just like this”, she said. “I really, really love it!” And looking at her, I could see that she really did! So….I gave it to her! “Please take it home! You look really beautiful in it! And wear it for Christmas or New Years! In exchange, please just do an act of kindness for someone else!”

And that gave me an idea! In early January, I’m going to ‘auction’ off some of the dresses I’ve created in the last year and a half. But not for ‘money’. For acts of kindness. Because money isn’t the only (and most important thing) we have to give to others. Our time, talents, creativity and caring are. So, keep your eye out for a post in the first week of January about how my ‘auction’! Everyone is eligible…and all proceeds will benefit The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, the people you help…and, of course you!

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