This week, I’ve heard a lot of people judging themselves harshly. “It didn’t work out as I thought that it would, even though I did my best. Why am I so useless?” “I finally got up the courage to try something new and no one liked it. I wish I’d never tried it.” “I chose to take care of myself instead of others and it seems too self-centered.” And over and over again “I’m a failure”. Thing is, no one needs to judge themselves so harshly. We all make mistakes. We try new things and they don’t work out as planned. That doesn’t mean we failed…or that we are “failures”, even if we don’t act as we want to. It means we are human. So reflect. Then move forwards. Because opportunities to think, speak and act differently are already here! So, instead of focusing on the past, and judging yourself for past mistakes, look forward, take what you’ve learned from your reflection and try again. We have a lifetime to practice! Be kind to others, be kind to yourself. No matter how many times it takes you can simply try again!