It’s time to announce our 2024 Theme at The Love and Kindness Project Foundation! And to ask for your help!

That’s because our 2024 Theme “Activate Kindness” means that I need you to help me encourage and “activate” others to act, speak and think kindly! To do “random acts of kindness” when the opportunity presents itself…and to plan “deliberate acts of kindness” (like checking in on a friend going through a hard time) each day!

People often tell me that the world needs “more people like you”! People focused on kindness! I always respond that there are 8 billion people on earth just like me! It doesn’t take being special to be kind! It just takes a few minutes of your time, your effort and to open your eyes and ears and look around for someone who needs your help!

Kindness is a great preventative!

It prevents fear, physical and psychological harm, loneliness, arguments, poverty, suffering and even war!

So today, please do an act of kindness! And encourage and activate someone else to do one too!

Thank you for helping get our 2024 Theme off to a great, kind start!!

Wishing you and yours a kind and Happy New Year!