Last week, something amazing happened! Linda Moses, and a fabulous group of students from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY, helped me turn an idea I had into reality! They created a “Kindness Stand”, and gave out Love and Kindness Buttons, bracelets and more, and talked to everyone passing by about the importance of kindness, and what they could do to spread kindness everyday! At least seventy people stopped by, and local businesses contributed treats to give out!

Everyone had fun, and we learned a lot about next steps to turn my idea of having retired people host Kindness Stands in communities around the world! Everything is possible! We just have to figure out how to do it! And the best way to figure it out? Give it a try!

So, huge thanks to the fabulous Linda Moses for organizing and creating the Kindness Stand, Natasha Edwards, Romario Thomas, Shiela Muturi and Margaret Burbano (from the very kind St. Francis College) for helping Linda, and to Richard Moses for the wonderful photos! And, of course, if you know anyone who’d like to host a Kindness Stand in your community, let me know! #love #kindness #ideas #purpose