It’s Saturday! My Creativity Day! I’m super excited because my new Vote For Kindness yard signs were delivered yesterday! I put one up in my yard, and I’ve already had a number of neighbors stop by to ask for one! That makes me super happy! You might be asking yourself, “It’s your Creativity Day! Why are you posting about kindness? What do Creativity and Kindness have do with each other?” A lot! Creating a kinder world is a huge part of my purpose! So I’m using my creativity intentionally to do that: coming up with the idea for a #VoteForKindness ‘campaign’, designing the actual signs, and creating fun ways to involve people in the campaign (like this photo with me and Big Karma – everyone loves a dog picture!) As human beings, we’re all creative! And we can use our creativity to solve problems like climate crisis, poverty, and systemic racism. And to create a kinder world. That’s what I’m doing on my Creativity Day! How about you?
#Creativity #Kindness #problemsolving