It’s Monday morning! When you got out of bed, did you feel a sense of dread about the coming day and week? Or a sense of excitement? I’m asking because I’ve been thinking a lot about optimism over the past few weeks. In tough times, it can be even harder to stay optimistic – to believe that things are going to be okay and work our positively – than in regular times. Even super-optimistic people (like me) can be weighed down by the extra stresses of coping with the ongoing pandemic, social unrest and upheaval and concerns about difficulties family and friends are having. So today, to start off your week on the bright side, I’ve put together a short list of the things I do to keep myself looking at the bright side! Drawing and writing them out helped me…and I hope they’ll help you too! Please feel free to share with anyone and everyone! And remember, no one feels positive all the time! When you don’t, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, use these tips and soon you’ll be feeling optimistic again!