There is always a way! All you need is a little creativity!! I’ve been thinking about how to have a Pop-Up Kindness Stand during these tough times! So I picked up some sidewalk chalk last week. Today, it was beautiful and sunny…with no wind! So I drew my mural, then left safely bagged Love and Kindness buttons, bracelets and stickers at the bottom of my driveway! My original idea was to just leave them there for people to take! As I was heading back into my house, two women passed the end of the driveway, picked up the bags and said “You must be the Kindness Lady!! We’ve seen your Plant Kindness – Grow Love signs in the neighborhood and always wondered who it was! Now we know!” So I went upstairs and got signs for them! Then two more women passed by and took the bags and asked for signs. So I went back upstairs and got more! Now I got my blue plastic lawn-chair from the back yard and I’m sitting at the top of the driveway! Talking to people about kindness as they walk by! A safe fun way to have a Pop Up Kindness Stand! Sometimes we think we need a lot of planning and fancy stuff to do things. But mostly we don’t…we really have everything we need right where we are!
#love #kindness #creativity #covid19