Well, the KRC ‘Acts of Kindness’ Auction is over, and it was a huge success! People from all over the world ‘bid’ on six of the dresses I designed, sewed and wore at keynotes last year. But they didn’t ‘bid’ with money! They ‘bid’ with Acts of Kindness! Acts of Kindness like rescuing a dog whose owner passed away, giving their bicycle to someone in need, and making toiletry kits to keep in the car to give to homeless people they pass. So today I’m excited to announce the winners of the dresses:

1. Tamara Maslova, Russia

2. Janet M. Pendexter, AAI, AOC, USA

3. Sandra Alvarado, Colombia

4. Nora Lucia Martinez, Argentina

5. Stéfany Oliver, Canada

6. Alyssa Wiedenheft, USA

Congratulations, and thank you for your kindness! Because of it, it’s not just you who are ‘winning’…it’s the people you help, and the rest of us, as you create a kinder world. One Act of Kindness at a time! And, of course, this year’s KRC ‘Acts of Kindness’ Auction is over…but I’m still sewing…so if you didn’t win a dress this time, there is always next year to look forward to! And plenty of time for many, many acts of kindness! Love, kindness and thanks to all! 💚❤️