This year, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation is planning to give out at least 24 micro-grants of $250.00 or less to individuals who want to do a creative kindness project at work, at home or in their community and need funding for materials to turn their idea into reality!

Some projects we’ve funded in past or are currently funding:

  1. Creating a Kindness Garden using painted Kindness rocks
  2. Setting up a Kindness Cart to share ideas about how to be kind
  3. Writing and publishing a book on how to teach continuous improvement to differently abled people
  4. Making Kindness pet bandanas to support dog rescue for homeless people

You don’t need to be a non-profit to apply! We’re looking for people just like you who have a creative idea to spread kindness in simple, easy ways! Some parameters: projects with political or religious affiliations or messages aren’t eligible. At least 12 of the microgrants are earmarked for projects focusing on increasing kindness in adults at work and in the community, and 12 with an educational focus.

And if you want to do a creative kindness project but aren’t sure how to get started, don’t worry! We provide free coaching too!

Want to learn more or get started? Please reach out to