Guess what!!??? Super exciting news today!! A new book is on the way!!!

A follow-on to our super popular Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other, this new book is about the importance of welcoming newcomers with open arms, open mind and an open heart!

About a year ago, our fabulous vet suddenly had to rehome his cat, Zenni, because his daughter became seriously allergic! Although we weren’t expecting another pet, we – and our pets Big Karma and Little Kosmo – welcomed Zenni into our home, our family and our hearts!

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, I had been thinking about how important it is to welcome newcomers…whether they are refugees, new team members at work, new kids at school, new family members or new pets! So I decided to write a book about it!

In this new book, available mid-July, you’ll learn how Big Karma and Little Kosmo find out that even though they may seem different at first, a newcomer is simply a friend you haven’t met yet!

Here’s a first look at the cover…I’ll keep you posted on the publishing process and progress!