It’s Saturday. My Creativity Day. I’m so happy it’s here as it’s been a super-stressful week. My son finally recovered from COVID-19, but Big Karma, my dog had a small seizure so I had to take him to the vet. More accurately, Big Karma had to visit the vet on his own because we couldn’t go in with him. He’s an old dog, so that just added stress. Even more stressful, I have a number of friends dealing with serious non-COVID health issues. Then there are the wild-fires threatening so many in the western USA (many of our Women in Lean members are in California, Oregon and Washington), and remembrances for 9/11. Plus continued systemic racism and election worries. So this morning, I just couldn’t wait for my Creativity Day, because drawing, writing, sewing and listening to music are all things that help me reduce stress. And doing those things are ways to be kind to myself. I’m conscious that everything I described above isn’t unique to me. During this time, everyone is under extra stress. All the regular stresses of life go on. Compounded by COVID. So this morning, to reduce my own stress, I drew this drawing that I hope will help you reduce your stress. And to remind everyone that in these tough times, and always, please be kind to yourself. And ask for help if needed!