Episode 28 - Jeff's Story

Episode Summary:

I posted some questions to social media about the theme of my last show (when you disclose a diagnosis) and I spoke to 3 parents that had some strong feelings and experiences.

It’s time to hear the stories of Jeff’s Story.

The questions I asked:

  1. When you tell someone, your child has a disability, do you use specific terminology, do you just say disability, or does it depend on the situation?
  2. What do you do when someone replies in a way that shocks you?
  3. What are the responses that you’ve received?
  4. How many people have tried to “fix” your child or you with ideas, remedies etc…
  5. Have you ever had anyone declare that they don’t know how to respond?
  6. What do you want people to know about your child?
  7. What do you want people to say when you disclose?

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00:00:00.00 Kids Say Hello

00:04:21.70 Love and Kindness Sponsor Ad

00:17:12.40 Help Line and Time Code

00:36:00.00 Help Line Numbers

01:14:00.00 Land Acknowledgment

01:24:00.00 Show Theme

02:05:12.40 A Funny Story

02:42:00.00 Introduction

05:26:00.00 About Jeff

06:20:00.00 Does Jeff use specific terminology?

08:46:00.00 How do you handle shocking phrases/ignorance

14:27:00.00 Kindness Break

15:01:00.00 Do people try to “fix” your child?

16:20:00.00 Handling “Free Parenting Advice”

19:04:00.00 Has anyone declared that they don’t know how to respond?

21:33:12.40 What do you want to hear people say when you disclose?

23:20:00.00 Jeff’s Love and Kindness Tip

24:42:00.00 Jeff’s Bonus Tip

25:52:00.00 Jeff’s Final Thoughts

26:08:00.00 Signing Off

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