Episode 26 - The Advocateurs - Mark Graban

Episode Summary:

My guest today is my friend Mark Graban and we are going to talk about his journey but the theme of the episode is avoiding misdiagnoses. You hear about this more than you realize but it doesn’t seem like much is done about it, a misdiagnosis is very real.

In Mark’s case, the Jury is still out on whether he is ADHD but some people go through their whole life with an incorrect diagnosis or not being diagnosed at all.

Mark’s newest book, “The mistakes that make us” is out now and you can find it on Amazon and other providers listed on ⁠www.markgraban.com⁠. I also highly recommend checking out his many podcasts.

I also name drop a mutual friend of ours Katie Anderson, who is also another author and her latest book that she wrote with Isao Yoshino called Learning to Lead, which just won another award, is available at all major book stores and you can check out her website kbjanderson.com

This is the link that Mark was referring to during our conversation about ADHD having an unusual sense of fairness.


Interestingly enough, this trait isn’t just limited to ADHD, this can also present as an autistic trait as well, possibly falling under the diagnostic manual references of B2 (Excessively Rigid, Inflexible, Or Rule-Bound, In Behaviour Or Thought)

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