Love and Kindness Buttons – Packs of 10


Give out these buttons to people you spot being kind, leave them anonymously or create a kindness campaign around them! Perfect for every occasion! Comes in packs of 10!


Packs of 10 premium 5/8 inch buttons with a red heart on a green background. Buttons come with paper slips that read ‘Plant Kindness – Grow Love’ and the Instagram #lovekindnessbuttonproject. Feel free to create your own slips!

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Packages of 10

Buttons come in packages of 10

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  1. (verified owner)

    What a fantastic idea!
    We need sooooo much of love and kindness today in the world.

    I received one of these buttons today. I was moved for it humbled me.

    Thank you

    • Thank you, Rita! We are glad it made a difference! Lots of love & kindness to you!

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