People often ask me if traveling so much makes me tired! It doesn’t! In fact, it’s the opposite! Traveling gives me energy! Do you know why? Because I get to meet so many fabulous people! And, I get to spread love and kindness wherever I go! Yesterday, I gave Love and Kindness buttons to:

  1. TSA Officer giving stickers to children as they went through security
  2. TSA Officer dancing with children after security
  3. Young man who lifted down an older lady’s suitcase without being asked
  4. Lady whose suitcase was lifted down (she asked for one)!
  5. Lady who was sitting beside her who also asked for one…and then broke into tears when I gave her one!
  6. Two owners of the beautiful restaurant in Belgrade that I had dinner at last night
  7. Server who helped me choose a special Serbian dessert at a cafe in Belgrade City Center 
  8. Innkeeper at the wonderful floating hotel I’m staying at! So, wherever you are today, whatever you’re doing, (even if you don’t have buttons to give out), take the time to look around you and acknowledge kindness! With love and kindness from Belgrade! Karyn #love #kindness #serbia